Banana-blueberry breakfast smoothie

I cannot understand why some people don’t like to eat breakfast. I LOVE breakfast. My favourite meal to eat out is breakfast. 1000-calorie eggs benedict in your first meal of the day? Count me in. I used to have fried eggs with sriracha every day before school. This year I’ve been trying to eat a little healthier and more frugally. I save my eggs for dinner (usually scrambled with some Pico de Gallo) and have been having a smoothie every morning. “But Emma!” you may cry out to me in anger, “smoothies are unsatisfying and do not keep me full.” Well here’s a solution: hemp hearts! I buy a large package of these at Costco (along with my 2kg bag of frozen blueberries) and they are the perfect addition to smoothies. They are packed full of vitamins and also iron which is important for a prone-to-anemia girl like me.

This smoothie had its beginnings in a coffee shop that I worked at. There was a girl there who was a crazy dirty hippie who could read my chakra (actually, apparently mine was difficult to read) and was also, of course, a vegan. I say this with much love to all you crazy dirty hippies out there. WE NEED YOU GUYS. Anyways, one day she made a smoothie at work consisting of a banana, soy milk, ice and cinnamon. “It tastes like liquid banana bread!” she exclaimed with her usual squeal of glee. It sure sounded disgusting, but I’m willing to try anything once. And I did and of course I was hooked. I brought a banana to work every day until the end of summer. I came back to school in September with the will and determination to recreate this smoothie. But alas! We had no ice cube trays! Frozen blueberries made a perfect substitute and hemp hearts were added for lack of ideas to do anything else with them. And thus, my perfect smoothie was brought into this world.


1 cup unsweetened almond milk (30 calories)
1 banana (100 calories)
2 tablespoons hemp hearts (113 calories)
3/4 cup frozen blueberries (80 calories)
pinch of cinnamon (I use a lot)


Delicious and only 323 calories. I will not always be posting calorie counts on my recipes. Enjoy!



One response to “Banana-blueberry breakfast smoothie

  1. Camilo

    First of all great job so far, you have managed to cover two of my favourite foods in the world. Your smoothie recipe sounds amazing! I never would have considered hemp hearts but what a great idea! Yours has a delicous milky almond milk base which is awesome. If you ever want to try a fruitier base there is only one way to go sun rype fruit and veggie plus strawberry banana! If you add any fruit to that juice it will taste like booster juice!

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