My journey with Keto so far

Have you heard of the ketogenic diet? Basically it’s my dream diet. You eat high fat food, like cheese, bacon and avocados and avoid sugars and carbohydrates (<20 grams per day). It’s not new knowledge that processed foods and sugar have been a major cause in the rise of obesity in Western culture (and quickly spreading around the world). But here’s the proof. As I explained it to my friend, what I’m eating now has always been around, whereas the rise in obesity seems to coincide with the rise of processed food and sugar. For example, the French eat a ton of cheese and are usually stick thin. Although that could be caused by the cigarettes. Anyways, just because something is high in fat and calories does not mean it’s bad for you. We need to change our views about fats. I won’t go into a spiel about it, but if you are interested you can read more about it here. I know it sounds crazy, but I’ve been eating bacon and eggs for breakfast almost every morning for two weeks now, and I have lost seven pounds. Sure, it’s probably water weight, but I’m slowly losing more and I’m going to keep at it. I never feel hungry an hour after eating anymore and I have learned to stop eating when I’m full. I’m consuming about 1400 calories a day because I can’t eat anymore. Also, I don’t feel exhausted all day. Anyways, I’m no nutritionist and I’m not here to lecture you on what to eat. Here’s a recipe for keto’ers and anyone who just appreciates a delicious breakfast!


Bacon and eggs with crème d’oka

2 eggs
2 slices bacon
mushrooms, sliced
green onions, chopped
spoonful of crème d’oka

This is a super simple one pan meal. Fry up your bacon. Unless you are an egg cracking ninja, crack your eggs separately in a bowl. Once the bacon is a little crispy, add the mushrooms (not too many, make sure there is still room in the pan). Once the bacon is pretty much to your crispy standard, add your eggs. Let them fry up to your liking, I usually put a pan lid on top to help cook the top but keep the yolks runny. In the last 30 seconds of cooking add a dollop of crème d’oka (my new favourite cheese) so it melts. Put it on a plate. Put some green onions on it. Put it in your mouth. Enjoy!


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